Monday, February 7, 2011

Living in a War Zone

This one's for you, fellow mamas!  Do you ever feel like you live in a war zone?  Atomic bombs of diarrhea, booby trapped land minds of cheerios that explode when you step on them, cannons's of vomit that take out limbs, or what about the tanks that you step on in the middle of the night trying to navigate your way to the bathroom.  With all the destruction looming around every corner, some days it feels like you are a prisoner of war.  Well ladies, I bring good news!  There is a POW camp set up in every war zone just for us and it's a wonderful place that has long been discovered, although not shared, by our fellow "war parters", our husbands.  This POW safe-haven is none other than THE BATHROOM!  Yes ladies, I said it.  Men have been coming home from work and heading straight for the bathroom for centuries, leaving us abandoned in the war zone to fend for ourselves like a target in an open field.  Well I'm taking the camp back and I'm making it my own with candles, a CD player, and the best part... a lock on the door!  So join with me ladies and lets get some much needed relief.  Fight the open fires, eliminate the looming bombs and when there seems to be a tiny break in between enemy attacks, escape to your camp for a warm bath and a good crossword puzzle (or whatever your camp allows).  Let's all take a break from war to regroup and prepare for the next battle because you know it's coming.  Good luck and be safe!