Monday, December 20, 2010

Joy To The World, The Nap Has Come!

"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree... Andrew stop taking the ornaments off the tree. OK, lets start over... O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....Andrew, honey, I know we have to water the tree, but we don't need to do it with the milk from your cup.... O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree....Now Hannah try to tone down the squealing a bit, we can't sing if our ears are ringing .... O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree... Now Hannah, that just sounded like screaming.  Settle down... O Christmas Tree, O Christmas...... O forget it!

 I'm thinking a rousing chorus of "Joy To The World, The Nap Has Come" is in order

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keeper of the Cheerios

Some days, when I'm really needing the help, I allow Andrew to sit in the living room and watch cartoons while he eats his breakfast.  Today is one of those days.  He's watching Dora and dancing around with excitement and I can't help but giggle.  Suddenly, out of no where, this precious little boy comes to me saying "Pizzzzz pizzzzz!" (Which translates to please) As I turned to look at him, he's holding his bowl up with big puppy dog eyes and I knew he wanted more Cheerios. The thought suddenly dawned on me that I am the "Keeper of the Cheerios."  What an awesome job!  I am the sole caretaker of the most beloved breakfast cereal and it's up to ME to make sure that cereal is always there.  No one comes to the Cheerio without momma.  I can't help but chuckle at the fact that I'm so deeply amused at this thought, or that I even had the thought to begin with.  It probably stems from having a cold, trying to do too much, and being sleep deprived, but by the same token it just doesn't take much to amuse me anymore so who knows.  None the less, I have now added a new title to my resume... Mom, wife, nurse, pharmacist, maid, cook, janitor, interior decorator, CEO of the Frazier Home, and Keeper of the Cheerios!  Ah, it's good to be Momma.