Thursday, April 14, 2011

Newest Testimonial!!

I'm so excited, my day (no wait, my whole week!) has just been made wonderful by this sweet testimonial I just received from one of my recent online customers.  I just had to share this with ya'll!!  :)

"Just wanted you to know how beautiful the wrap is. My baby and I LOVE it! I have a "baby K'tan" that I "loved" but both baby and I would get overheated in it so quickly. Your wrap is incredibly comfortable and airy, yet feels amazingly supportive. It is now my favorite wrap."

"I've attached a photo of her in your beautiful summer gauze wrap! She is ten months old and weighs 19 pounds, yet feels light as a feather in your wrap."

"I just can't say enough about this is my new best friend!!!"
"This has been the most pleasurable online shopping experience I have ever had! Thank you for taking the time to address me personally."

1 comment:

  1. Mandy that is so neat!! I will have to tell my niece about your wrap since summer is coming on!!